SolusVM Mobile Applications

SolusVM (the software we use for our VPS control panel) allows you to manage your VPS from your mobile phone. If you need to reboot your VPS and you're out of the office or can't get to your computer, simply install the mobile application to your mobile phone and you can then reboot your VPS from anywhere.

To install SolusVM's mobile applications you'll need either an iPhone or Android device, then simply search for either iSolusVM (iPhone Users) or aSolusVM (Android Users).

Setting Up aSolusVM / iSolusVM
Once you have installed the software to your phone, you'll need to login to SolusVM with the details we provided to you on signup. When you have logged in, choose the VPS you would like to control from your phone then click on the API Settings icon. You will then be shown the following screen.


Click on the Generate button to get your API key and hash. Wait a few seconds and you should receive something similar to the following.


Start the SolusVM application on your phone and enter the details which were displayed after generating a key and hash.

Name: Your VPS Name
API Key: Generated from the API page
API Hash: Generated from the API page

If everything is correct you should now see something similar to below.


This is all there is to it. Simply add your other VPS's in the same way and if you ever have a problem, please let us know.


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